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Aug 29, 2019

The Monterey Shootout

Another Backscatter Monterey Shootout Monterey Shootout in the books. Everyone else is so much quicker than I am to get their images and FB posts up. It was a fun shootout, like past years, full of friendly faces and of course, it’s always great to get out diving. Monterey is something else, I just wish it were a few hours closer :) 8 dives over 3 days, 6 for the shootout, and 2 of those were a first for me diving the beautiful (and long surface swim) Point Lobos! ...Read More

May 5, 2019

Last minute Anilao, Philippines trip

An absolutely last minute trip, there was about a 30 hour window from the booking of my flight to the check-in at LAX. With nothing particular planned for subjects and shots, I jumped on every available blackwater dive and worked on some more creative lighting type of shots. Of course, Crystal Blue was fantastic, even better than last time; not that there was anything lacking from my first trip there a few years ago. ...Read More

Nov 25, 2018

Attack of the dorks

I love/hate sheephead. They are such dorks, often perplexed by their reflection in the dome port (or anything shiny, for that matter) and give some pleasing colors to contrast the blue water. But, they can be little shits too. Usually my gloves are thick enough that I’m only startled when they bite, but this time it actually kind of hurt as he managed to get the whole tip of my pinky. ...Read More

May 8, 2018

Salps, rockfish schools and cabezon off the oil rigs

The oil rigs are still one of the most unique dives I have done, and I’m not sure why I don’t dive them more often! I just checked, and February of 2016… yikes. It was a good day on the Pac Star with Bluewater Photo although waves picked up around the 3rd dive. The top 60 or 70 fsw was a bit murky but deeper down past 100 fsw, it opened up and there were some nice schools of rockfish. ...Read More

Apr 7, 2018

Tuna crabs and sevengill sharks

Wooohooo! My first non-horned/swell/leopardwayoffinthedistance shark encounter while diving! Swimming along and out of the murky water, a shadowy blob turned into a large 6-7 ft sevengill! How’s that for a first encounters! And of course, freakin’ tuna crabs make me laugh. I may or may not have been torpedoing into them head first laughing like a crazy person. They are a much cuter photo bomber then garabaldi.

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