TLDR - just because your import finished, does NOT mean it is safe to wipe your card…

My most recent “Import” corrupted my images, the following are not filters I applied. This is simply what happened as a result of some data changing/being lost/not being perfectly copied from my XQD card over some circuitry and on to my HDD. If I hadn’t noticed, I would have lost my images. Not particularly a problem for this dive day, but if I had got that NatGeo cover shot, would have been devastating.

Also if it’s not obvious now, or if anyone reading this didn’t know, I’m a software developer/nerd.

Somewhere along the way, a one became zero, or a zero that ceased being nought. Perhaps it was a rebellious byte that triggered a revolution, a collective operating outside the norm. The one became two, then four, and on until there was no mistaking their existence. Something was amiss.

Maybe it was accidental. A clumsy bit that tripped, leading the perfectly orchestrated song and dance into chaos. The first lemming to lose its footing. Perhaps a mischievous outside force was at play.

A cosmic ray glancing the exact circuitry at the exact moment a flow of electrons brought life to an otherwise inert piece of silicon and solder that we record these moments on. Recordings, little more than feeble attempts at finding specific patterns of ones and zeros that are appealing. Faint imperfect memories a moment. A photon obituary.

Or equally likely, maybe it was simply a glitch in the matrix. A misplaced charge. The spillover from an unrelated group of ones and zeros traveling around the cosmos. The cleaning party that failed to kick everyone out of the theatre between movie showings. An echo, a digital hitchhiker, a stowaway. The surgeon who left a scalpel in the patient. A unknowing participant of a butterfly effect, forever shifting things to come.

The lossy compression of “life” itself.

Also haha… I thought this looked a bit like “an artists interpretation” of the transition to digital being this plague that the little critters are trying to run away from. Imagine some tiny shrimp screams mixed with dial up modem sounds.

I ‘think’ my best guess for blame is Adobe, or the software they rely on to import (which does NOT mean they are free from blame). Or possibly my pc/hw is f…. It exists “error free” on my xqd card still so nothing lost. Windows still loaded either good/broken raw file fine though…

Anyways… p0 != pp (yeah sorry haha, I can’t make this stuff up)

0000030: fecb 73e3 f1e2 fe48 e461 e372 64e5 7030  ..s....H.a.rd.p0   // not good
0000030: fecb 73e3 f1e2 fe48 e461 e372 64e5 7070  ..s....H.a.rd.pp   // what we want