Catalina Muck

Jan 3, 2021 | 1 minute read

A great start to the year diving Catalina with friends. It was my first time seeing our local mantis shrimp (Hemisquilla ensigera), and I have to say, they may rival (or at least match) the peacock from the Indo Pacific. If nothing else, they are certainly the lesser photographed.

The muck site was also great for a general muck dive, with plenty of other small hiden critters like the pike blennies. I wasn’t able to find them doing anything too crazy, but it was fun watching a free swimming individual try to stick it’s butt into holes haha.

Another fun sighting was the hula skirt siphonophore, a deep sea visitor! I have only seen this once before, while bluewater diving over deep water off the coast, so it was a great safety stop sighting.