It’s been far too long since since my last dive, and even longer since my last dive at La Jolla. Rick joined me for a CCR dive from the marine room out to the wall for a fun, 130 minute dive to a max of 90 ft for me, although he dropped below 100.

Highlights of the dive include all the little red octos (of course!) but the cormorant fishing off our lights definitely stole the show! I’ve never seen one before, and it snagged a fish right in front of me less then my arms length away! I had to stop shooting octos because I thought I’d blow their cover with my focus light.

Todays setup was a new one for me, my Nikon D90 with a Nikon 40mm macro behind a minidome, which I think worked out pretty well! Oh yeah, another first for today was a bunch of flatfish pecking at a nudibranch, I’ve never seen that before.